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    1. Maoye department

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      Maoye international holdings co., LTD. Is A company listed in Hong Kong stock exchange main board listed company (stock code: 00848), and holding two a-share listed companies: A business group (stock code: 600828) and the bohai logistics (stock code: 000889). Owns maoye department and people's stores two brands, is a famous professional retail enterprises, in the department of classic, fashion is the management idea, to the fashion life of operators as the management goal, create wealth for the society, create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees is the core value idea, positive enterprising, prudent management.

      After more than ten years of rapid development, maoye is currently in south China, southwest, north China, east China area of the nation's 18 cities has 38 stores, in the management of each city, through continuous service promotion and brand upgrade implementation of social responsibility, won a good reputation.

      Our central air conditioning unit provides a comfortable environment for users.

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